nunc. Its time for a
next level coffee

The awarded nunc. coffee system offers a whole new experience, taste and ritual for premium coffee with a tech-enabled success guarantee.

Why can’t my coffee at home tastes as
good as in my favourite coffee shop.

  • Founder:
    Markus, Dominik & Marius
  • Mission:
    „The world deserves a better coffee experience at home. A new ritual. More fascinating, more exciting, more social, higher quality, more fair, more sustainable."
  • Fair and sustainable from farmer to cup.

    Dominik Maier

    „Venture Stars was believing in us and our vision for revolutionizing a huge market from the very first step – in fact even before the foundation of our company. Being entrepreneurs themselves, they are pro-active, work closely with us and know well, what we as founders need in every step of our growth journey. We are grateful for the support and mentorship in finding the right setup, avoiding mistakes, sparking ideas and for their valuable connections to other founders and the Venture Stars network.”

    Dominik Maier
    Founder / CEO of nunc.
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