Low-Ccode Engineering Platform For Process Automation

Synera is a low-code platform for engineers that accelerates product development by automating engineering tasks, reducing development time by 90%.

Synera integrates all the data and expert knowledge within the development process.

  • Founder:
    Daniel, Moritz & Sebastian

  • Mission:
    Every engineer has the potential to do great things. Synera empowers them through an open platform and visual programming language to create customized solutions for automated product development.
  • Reinvent the product development process of engineers.

    Dr. Moritz Maier

    “The partnership with Venture Stars is simply amazing! Besides their sharp entrepreneurial thinking and energetic support in every situation, they trusted us even before their first investment and supported us significantly in the preparation of our seed financing round. Without them, we would not be where we are today.”

    Dr. Moritz Maier
    Founder of Synera
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