Our investment
Founders first.

We believe that todays entrepreneurs create the socio-economic wealth of tomorrow. Therefore we enable outstanding founders to realize innovative,
sustainable business opportunities – generating meaningful value and attractive investor returns.

We believe in
entrepreneurship and focus.


    We believe entrepreneurs are the ones creating the future. Therefore, we focus on founders in our investment decisions, and we give our entrepreneurs behind-the-scenes support with advice, experience, capital and network – from initial idea until exit or IPO.


    While our companies are all about growth and scale, we strive to keep our own operations lean. We are a small partnership, avoid raising large funds and keep our investment portfolios very selective. We believe in quality over quantity! In this way we can ensure to be the founders‘ best support and closest partner.


    We believe in sustainability – also in our relationships. Therefore, we know many of our founders before we work together, and they stay friends, investors and advisors many years after. We look for people who share our drive and our values: hungry but humble. This makes our work a lot of fun and creates a strong personal network of like-minded successful and trustful people.


    The time for tech-driven businesses is now. Timing is key for building a new global category leader. We believe that there are many billion Euro markets out there ready to be disrupted by technology-driven new business models and in need of growth capital.

We have one goal:
Help our
founders succeed.
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What founders say about us

Johannes Siebers
Christopher May
Marco Hierling
Benjamin Michels
Dominik Maier
Dr. Moritz Maier
Alex Franck
Julian Leitner
Erik Pfannmöller

“Venture Stars has supported us since the idea stage even before our foundation and have participated meaningfully in each of Holidu’s financing rounds. Across all stages they have been a great and trusted partner who helped us with the small and big questions that came up. They share the entrepreneurial mindset and when speaking to them it’s clear that they have already seen many situations as founders themselves. They are always fast and responsive and a partner we absolutely wanted to have on our side during our journey - as persons and as a fund.”

Johannes Siebers
Founder of Holidu

“Venture Stars was our first institutional investor and co-led our seed round in 2019. With their entrepreneurial mindset having been entrepreneurs themselves and thus, having a very close contact to their portfolio companies, their support in scaling Finoa has been and continues to be crucial for us as founders.”

Christopher May
Founder of Finoa
„Venture Stars supported at every stage of the compa­ny, and it is fair to say that AlphaPet would never be in the market leading position if not for them. If everything is at stake, you can count on them – they will sit with you in the office at 3am to get deals over the finish line.“
Marco Hierling
Founder / CEO of AlphaPet

“Venture Stars really stands out as hands-on investor who has already been in your shoes. So naturally they are your first call when you are looking for advice for any entrepreneurial challenge you might be facing."

Benjamin Michels
Founder / CEO of Finanzguru

„Venture Stars was believing in us and our vision for revolutionizing a huge market from the very first step – in fact even before the foundation of our company. Being entrepreneurs themselves, they are pro-active, work closely with us and know well, what we as founders need in every step of our growth journey. We are grateful for the support and mentorship in finding the right setup, avoiding mistakes, sparking ideas and for their valuable connections to other founders and the Venture Stars network.”

Dominik Maier
Founder / CEO of nunc.

“The partnership with Venture Stars is simply amazing! Besides their sharp entrepreneurial thinking and energetic support in every situation, they trusted us even before their first investment and supported us significantly in the preparation of our seed financing round. Without them, we would not be where we are today.”

Dr. Moritz Maier
Founder of Synera

“We decided to engage with Venture Stars as our first and, for now, only institutional investor due to the people behind Venture Stars - they supported us even before we founded biddz. With their introductions to their exceptional network of founders, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts, the team has already helped us tremendously to keep up and gain further momentum.

Alex Franck
Founder / Managing Director of biddz
"Professional, straightforward and fast. Very happy to work with Venture Stars!"
Julian Leitner
CEO & Founder of Smarthost

„Building a company is always a rollercoaster, there­fore it is one of the most important decisions to have the right investors on board - ones that understand the entrepreneurial challenges and support you all the way.
Venture Stars is outstanding, giving valuable super-fast advice, always long-term oriented and fun to work with – try to get them as investors.“

Erik Pfannmöller
Founder of Solvemate