The financial planner
to organize your money

Finanzguru is an online financial assistant that minimizes the effort required to manage contracts and finances, enabling potential savings.

Finanzguru as an alternative for all online banking needs, in one place.

  • Founder:
    Alexander, Benjamin, Sandro and Florian

  • Financing:

    Co-Investor in series A (oversubscribed)

  • Milestones:
    • BaFin Licence in realization
    • Highest security & data privacy standards
  • The smartest finance assistant ever

    Benjamin Michels

    “Venture Stars really stands out as hands-on investor who has already been in your shoes. So naturally they are your first call when you are looking for advice for any entrepreneurial challenge you might be facing."

    Benjamin Michels
    Founder / CEO of Finanzguru
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